The Queen dead on The Simpsons

Were the Simpsons right once again?

The Simpsons predicted the death of queen Elizabeth II

Once again, the authors of the cult cartoon series The Simpsons managed to shock the public with their accuracy of predictions. While today the entire Great Britain is saying goodbye and sending its beloved queen to her final resting place, the Simpsons predicted the date of her death a few years ago. A few weeks ago, a clip from an episode of The Sims appeared on social networks, which deals with today’s current topic. Also, a video from an episode of The Simpsons appeared on the popular social network Tik Tok, in which Homer destroys the golden carriage carrying Queen Elizabeth II. On the wall of the carriage there is a note on which the exact date of the queen’s death is written, i.e. a hint of the date.

„Simpsonovi predvideli smrt kraljice Elizabete II“, Vojvodina uživo, 19 September 2022,



It has been alleged that the popular TV series ‚The Simpsons‘ predicted the death of the British Queen in several different languages in an episode of the popular TV series. On the social network TikTok, this claim is popular in various forms.

In an analysis from the year 2020, PolitiFact [1] noted that the Simpson-style image of the queen in a coffin is actually a photoshopped version of an alleged 2020 picture of Donald Trump lying in a coffin.

It is likely that the illustration of the coffin was based on a photo from the funeral of the character from the show „Sideshow Bob“ from the 8th episode of the 19th season.

The Simpsons Fandom page indicates that Queen Elizabeth II „appeared“ in six episodes [2]. Her death is not predicted in any of them. In the 2003 episode „The Regina Monologues“, the Simpsons hit the Queen’s carriage with a car during a visit to England. For a manipulated illustration, Queen Elizabeth’s outfit from that episode was used [3].            

Although this information does not seem that big, and is not particularly important, it still carries the weight of fake news. No matter how banal the news is, i.e. no matter how much it doesn’t harm anyone, we can learn a lot about the values of a certain media company’s reportage from these small examples.


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