nora's reflection

Be aggressive


You follow Nora to her room. Your friend seems ready to fight. Both you and she go in, close the door and stand in front of the mirror. All you see is Nora´s reflection, nervous and angry. You stand next to your friend for a bit, thinking that either this is a joke, or Nora has gone mad. But sure enough, the reflection starts to smile. Why is Nora smiling, you think to yourself. You look at your friend and chill runs down your spine when you realise, Nora has still the same, angry expression.

„Hello, Nora“, you hear, the lips of your friend unmoving. „Finally quit, eh? You knew you could not do it. We both did.“ This is not your friend talking, this is the reflection in the mirror.

Nora starts screaming at what used to be her reflection: „You cannot tell me what to do! I am my own person!“

The smile of the thing in the mirror widens, then it starts speaking again.

„Oh, but I can, can´t I? We are the same person, after all“, the reflection says and you see the smile turn into a slight, amused smirk, before it lightly, slowly, shakes her head from side to side. Then the reflection continues: „You think screaming will help? You are afraid, unsure. That´s why you are screaming, that is why you thought this was a good idea. Enjoy your free time“. With that and a light wave of its hand, the reflection disappears. You stand in front of the mirror, before Nora looks at you, with tears in her eyes.


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