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Looking for audio-visual resources to help you teach and learn? Look no further! Browse our collection of audio and video materials. These materials will support you in your efforts, and even bring new inspiration. 

Don’t forget to check out our podcast, DNA Talk(s), for even more inspirational interviews!

DNA Talk(s)

In need of inspiration and stimulating storytelling? This is just the thing!
Our podcast series, DNA Talk(s), brings you interviews with various experts in education, community engagement, and participation.


Media literacy and debating: Why is it so important?

We interviewed two Czech experts and a participant of our previous debating project Debate Your Issue to learn what they have to say about media literacy and debating from their personal experience.

the importance of perspective

This video was created by the participants of the project at our Learning-Teaching-Training workshop in Krakow to show the importance of perspective and of critical thinking about the news we see.

choose your own adventure

This video presents a „choose your own adventure“ game, which was created within our project by it’s participants. The game leads students through a story about a person, who is affected by gender bias. After playing the game, the students reflect on biases, whether they encounter them in their lives and how they can try to avoid them.

lateral reading

This video introduces the technique of lateral reading, explains why it is useful, and gives you tips on how to do it.

tips for organizing an educational event

Within our project, we organized 4 Learning-Teaching-Training workshops for young people from 6 different countries. Would you like to do something similar? Have a look at our tips!

What is debate not argue?

Find out what we did during the project and the educational materials that we created!

More videos coming soon

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