nora's reflection

Finding your strength


„If I may..“ Your friend starts talking, looking straight at the ghost. „I have been thinking about what you said to me, now and previously. I tdon’t think it is true. Like, what you said previously. How many guys are coaching? How many girls? I don´t think it really matters. If my team wants me as their coach, then I will do that. They, my friend here, really think I can do it and I trust them. They will not let me down, neither will I them. I am still afraid, but I don´t think I have a reason to be. I will go and do my best as a coach.“

The reflection says nothing for a moment, its face unreadable. Then it smiles. „Overcoming your gut feeling? If you put it like that.. If you think you can do it despite the feelings you have and what others might think, then I am with you.“

„I believe in you“, says Nora and the reflection simultaneously. Then, only Nora speaks „You can do it.“ The reflection shows Nora, your friend. This time, only her true reflection. The ghost you were talking to is gone now.


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