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We can make our biases disappear!

De-bias a bias!

Gender biases, the focus of this little project of ours, refer to the unfair differences in how people are treated based on their gender. Just like the term „bias“ suggests, it means being unfairly and irrationally in favour of or against something, in this case, a gender. For example, if someone believes that boys are better at math than girls and then treats them differently because of this belief, that’s a gender bias.

Biases are a natural product of our environment, because the world we live in is very complex, and most of our actions occur without our conscious thoughts. Essentially, biases determine the way we interact with our environment. They have  power over us only if we refuse to acknowledge  and engage them. We should work on understanding how we are biased and try to mitigate the impacts of the bias.

For sure, one should start from the identification of bias, then move to owning a bias, and then finally confronting the bias. The last phase of bias confrontation is something we always have to work on. We should strive to have hard conversations and step out of our comfort zone and delve into discussions, because that is the only way forward, and to make progress.

We can’t escape biases, and they are part of our environment so the best we can do is to face them and try  our best to understand them and where they stem from and that is how we make better decisions and eventually change.


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