Vassalage treaty of treason

Fascists want a death penalty for Czech Minister of Defence

Minister Černochová committed treason when she without mandate signed a vassalage treaty with USA

Politicians are lying, that this treaty does not give USA the right to send their troops to our land. Nevertheless, the exact opposite is the truth. This treaty directly names 11 locations in Czechia, to which can USA feely deploy their military. [1]

You can read whole treaty in this article. [2]

For serious reduction of Czech Republic’s sovereignty (which this vassalage treaty definitely is)[3], constitutional majority is needed in both houses of parliament.[4]

The fact that Jana Bilaková Černochová[5] signed this treaty without constitutional majority in parliament makes it non-legitimate and is close to constitutional coup d’état.

Furthermore, this treaty is a double-cross against all voters because the ruling parties did not warn them that they are going to do something like this before elections.

There is no doubt that by signing the treaty, Černochová committed treason.[6] And treason is in every normal country punished by capital punishment.

[1] The claim made in this paragraph is not true. Signing of defence cooperation agreement between Czechia and USA does not mean establishing US military base in Czechia, nor does it allow permanent presence of US Army in Czechia. The purpose of DCA treaty is only to set broad rules for possible future deployment of US troops as a part of defence collaboration with Czechia, but any such deployment of a troops will, even after ratification of DCA, still require mutual agreement between both countries as well as a separate treaty.


[2] This link leads to the article on, the most visited disinformation website in Czechia. The article does in fact feature text of DCA treaty, but it is also biased and features strong pro-Russian narrative.


[3] DCA is a treaty between two equal countries and as such does not in any way reduce the sovereignty of Czech Republic. Vassalage treaty would imply that one country gets to control the other, but as was already said, DCA does not state anything like that.


[4] This is technically correct, but also wrong. Even though constitutional majority is needed for international treaties to enter into force, most of the treaties, including the DCA, does not enter into force by signing, but by ratification in the parliament. For such treaties, only agreement of a government is needed before signing.


[5] Instead of providing correct arguments, the author of the text resorts to personal attack against the defence minister Černochová. They are trying to draw connection between what Vasil Bilak did when he sent an invitation letter for Soviet army shortly before Warsaw pact invasion to Czechoslovakia in 1968. The invasion in 1968 was an act of military aggression followed by years of occupation; the DCA is a treaty between two equal countries and as such can always be discontinued, in contrast to the forced occupation by Soviet army. Naming the defence minister with the name of Biliak suggests that she did something similar as Vasil Biliak, but the situations are completely different.


[6] According to Czech law, Jana Černochová had a full mandate to sing the treaty given to her by the Czech government. Calling her act a treason is thus utter nonsense.


The whole article is based on the assumption that the defence minister Jana Černochová did not have the mandate to sign the DCA treaty between USA and Czechia. Nevertheless, this assumption is wrong. The author of the article either intentionally or by ignorance misinterpreted the law. It is technically correct that before any international treaty enters into force, it must be accepted by the constitutional majority in both houses of the Czech parliament. Yet, the DCA treaty does not enter into force by signing, but only after ratification by parliament. Thus, according to the Czech law, for its signing suffices the mandate given to Černochová by the Czech government. The article is most likely intentionally ignoring these facts and instead relying on the fact that most people do not know how singing and ratification of international treaties works, to convince them that the defence minister is a traitor and deserved to be killed. The author of the article probably realizes, that the mainstream public would not fall for their fascist ideas, so they choose more subtle lies.

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Národní Demokracie (National Democracy) is a Czech fascist political party, whose goals are defending the living space of Czech nation, stopping mixing of Czech culture with other cultures and turning Czechia into an authoritarian state. Ten years ago, they managed to get few seats in local governments, but now the core of their followers have left. Fortunately, they are they are not very competent and, therefore, do not pose much of a tread to the Czech democracy.


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