Diamond cut elections

Antisemitic twist on conspiracy about why are liberal politicians wining in western Europe

Dimond cut: Unbelievable match of proportions in result of presidential election in France, Slovakia and now even in Czechia implies horrible conspiracy or result of genetics? Why presidential election where winner is candidate of neoliberal globalists are ending up with ratio that originates from diamond trade for definition of ovality of diamonds? Western society is during election transforming according to diamond cut ratio of neoliberals and conservatives is widening exactly like cuts of diamonds! What does merchant with diamond Lazar Kaplan to do with it?

Even though the presidential election in CZ is over and its results proved process of neoliberalization and with that connected fascization of Czech society, heated discussion about said election is still going on, mainly because rising number of speculations about election fraud. [1]

People who voted for Andrej Babiš have informed us about their experiences from voting rooms, where people threatened Andrej Babiš’s supporters, shouted anti-Babiš slogans and people where literally afraid.  But truth remains, that Czech electorate have in last 5 years neoliberalized.

But, as we can see, this process of transformation is going on also in other countries and does so according to incredible mathematical ratio. Final result between Pavel and Babiš ended up with ratio of 58% for winner (Pavel) and 42% for defeated one. However, with exactly the same ratio ended up presidential elections in France between winning Macron and Le Pen as well as in Slovakia between Čaputová and Ševčovič. [2]

Ratio between numbers 58 and 42 is, as you see, so called Dimond cut or to be more correct it is 1.3 which is one of so called Kaplans constants, in the world of globalists who trade on Antwerp diamond stock exchange. [3]

From the viewpoint of mathematics, it’s frightening phenomenon, because population of western cavitation during election fracturing in two antagonistic group. Between those groups then oscillates Diamond cut ratio set by Jewish merchant with diamonds from New York Lazar Kaplan. [4]

Lazar Kaplan International is traditional Jewish company from USA and one of oldest in Dimond business. It was them who sat standard for ratio between length and width of oval diamonds to be between 1.3 and 1.7.

Most popular shape of oval are shapes around 1,38 to 1,50 so called Natural ovals. Why does society in west fracture according to Dimond cut? Because it’s encoded in populations genome.

Absolutely identical ratios in outcomes of presidential elections in France, Slovakia and Czech Republic shows that Dimond cut (Ratio between liberal and conservative votes) is now 1,38 in western population. Lot of people think it is because of conspiracy and agreed election fraud according to same horrible ratio, but that unfortunately, this is not right.

I say unfortunately because if election would be faked it would be good news, because it would mean that society is healthy, and elites have to fake the elections.

But who have been to the election, have seen the fascization of people by his own eyes and ears. After 34 years is society neoliberalized, well at least the part that decides the elections.

If globalists are influencing educational system by indoctrination in whole Europe for over 30 years, with neoliberalization in mind, then similar results of neoliberal transformation will after some time show in each country. And they will do so very accurately.

Because process works on first priority of growth of new generation and on basis of dying out of population, whole Europe will start step by step transformations according to Diamond cut. These principles are caused by long term exposure of human genome to eugenic radiation in society. [5][6]

SOURCE: “Diamantový Řez: Neuvěřitelná Shoda Poměrů Volebních Výsledků Prezidentských Voleb Ve Francii, Na Slovensku a Teď i v Česku Naznačuje Děsivé Spiknutí, Anebo Důsledek Genetiky? Proč Prezidentské Volby, Ve Kterých Vítězí Kandidáti Neoliberálních Globalistů, Končí Výsledkem Poměru, Který Vychází z Obchodů s Diamanty pro Definici Oválnosti Diamantů? Západní Společnost Se Transformuje u Voleb Podle Diamantového Řezu a Poměr Mezi Neoliberály a Konzervativci Se Prodlužuje Stejně Jako Řezy Diamantů! Co s Tím Má Společného Lazare Kaplan Jako Obchodník s Brilianty?”, 30th January 2023, https://aeronet.news/diamantovy-rez-neuveritelna-shoda-pomeru-volebnich-vysledku-prezidentskych-voleb-ve-francii-na-slovensku-a-ted-i-v-cesku-naznacuje-desive-spiknuti-anebo-dusledek-genetiky/.

[1] “Fascization” and having fascists as culprits of supposed conspiracy is characteristic for Kremlin propaganda. They are using this story ever since Second world war. They claimed be fighting fascist during invasions of Hungary in 1956, during invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and now they claim Ukraine to fight Nazi. Words “fascization” and “neoliberalization” are in article used more less as synonyms.

[2] + [3]  The article claims causation between recent elections and shape of popular diamond cuts solely on the fact they share similar ratios. This is called false cause fallacy. You presumed that a real or perceived relationship between things means that one is the cause of the other. Sometimes corelation is just coincidental.

[4] The original article would easily work even without including Jews. The fact that author went out of his way and came up with this complicated mind construct about ratio of diamonds to blame them, points to the spread of antisemitic conspiracy as true intention of the article. This would also be in line the fact that Federation of Jewish communities identifies this web as biggest spreader of antisemitism in CZ. More info HERE.

[5] This is very interesting article claims that those globalist jews are not only indoctrinating every one in western Europe through educational system, but also causing that genome of people there is changing. Degradation of western society, thus according to them is not only moral but physical almost racial.

[6] Autor speaks about „eugenic rays“ and „genome manipulation” only in the last paragraph without ever explaining it or supporting his claims with any sources. If any of this is true it should be properly sourced and explained not mentioned in passing at the end of the last paragraph.


The article takes in Czechia relatively well-established conspiracy narrative about how similarities between results of presidential elections in Czechia, Slovakia and France proofs they were all faked by globalist and comes up with new explanation for this. According to the author, election results were not faked by EU, but are in fact result of systematic indoctrination as well as change in genome of Western European population controlled by Jewish diamond merchants from USA.

To prove his point, the author uses the False cause fallacy. He takes coincidental similarity between ratios of votes in recent presidential election and popular ratio of diamond cut and tries to argue that one is caused by a another.

Said like this, it, of course, sounds ridiculous, that is why the article does not state its point openly and instead hides it behind complicated language, scientifically sounding terms and plain lies.

Also if the article was in deed right, we should be able to observe this supposed neoliberalisation of Western civilisation but what we observe is almost exact opposite. Conservative and right-wing parties are on the rise. Just in 2022 alone we have seen Viktor Orbán securing his position in Hungary, far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) becoming strongest coalition party and former fascist Giorgia Meloni becoming prime minister in Italy. Not mentioning continuous support for Mr. Trump in USA or PiS in Poland. More info HERE.

about the source:

Aeronet.news is Czech pro-kremlin conspiracy web site. It also is one of most active sources of antisemitic propaganda in Czech Republic. The website is regularly read and trusted by 6% of Czech population. More info HERE. Ownership and financing of Aeronet is unclear. All we know is that articles on web site are sight by supposed chief redactor -VK- nicknamed Vedoucí Kolotoče” (Chief of merry-go-round), in 2020 he was identified as middle-aged Czech male Marek Pešl, since that he was often moving from place to place rarely going out of a house, he is living in. More info HERE.


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