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Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra and Spanish "Formentera" performer Aitana Ocana officially together

She met his mom!

Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña and Colombian superstar Sebastian Yatra are now officially a couple. After Aitana’s break-up after four years with Spanish actor Miguel Bernardeau, she is said to be attracted to her fellow singer and judge on The Voice Kids. The two have already recorded two songs together and share the same circle of friends.

They were also spotted together with friends in London over New Year. Recently, Sebastian has also been to Aitana’s new villa on the outskirts of Madrid several times. Moreover, they are said to have kissed in a nightclub. Furthermore, it is
repeatedly reported how disappointed Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend Martina „Tini“ Stoessel is about this situation. He was officially involved with the Argentinian singer and actress (known from the telenovela Violetta) until 2020. She and Aitana have also performed together in concerts and the catalan singer produced songs with Tini as well as with Sebastian. Sebastian and Aitana have been spotted together time and again, and they are said to have met each other’s families at a restaurant in
Madrid. Rumor has it that Aitana and Sebastian are more than just good friends, because they spend a lot of time together and he has been a great support for her after Aitana’s break-up. Fans of the two singers have not believed in a mere friendship for a long time. They believe that the two singers have found each other and want to keep their love a secret. The constant posts of the two in the same
places, in his house in Los Angeles and certain verses in the newly released songs point to a committed relationship. In addition, the two share the same circle of friends, are invited to high times together and also harmonize perfectly together professionally.

SOURCE: Trujillo, Jovita. “Sebastian Yatra and Aitana Ocaña: More Evidence They Are a
Couple.” HOLA, 18 Jan. 2023, -they-are-a-couple/.


This article is a classic example of how people are easily influenced by gossip stories because they might like to see their favourite celebrities together.

So far, neither Sebastian Yatra nor Aitana Ocana have officially confirmed that the two are a couple. Even all mutual friends only mention their intimate friendship and professional working relationship. In the past, both have not held back with posts
about their partners on social media. The realization that there are no posts of the two of them together as a couple indicated this.

Furthermore, there are no photos of the two of them in intimate positions such as holding hands or kissing, a kiss mentioned in the article never happened. Sebastian also told a Spanish magazine in an interview in March 2023 that he dates a lot of women, which probably speaks against a possible relationship with Aitana[1]. He also posted a photo on his own Instagram account[2] with the caption “mi pedazo de sol” (my piece of sun) with his actress colleague from the video for his latest song. Unlike Aitana, the latter keeps popping up on Instagram in intimate poses with Sebastian. As for his relationship with Aitana, he told the Europa Press agency they were just „amigos.“ (friends)

Perhaps, despite his interest as a reader in the world of the beautiful and rich, we should also allow these people a little privacy and believe their own statements. As much as we might like to see someone as a couple together, it is not always the

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¡Hola!, (Spanish, for Hello!) is a Spanish magazine published weekly. Founded in Barcelona in 1944 by Antonio Sánchez Gómez, the magazine specializes in celebrity news. The target audience is mainly women and younger people who also follow the
programmes of the Telecinco channel on television.

¡Hola! had exclusive pictures of Claudia Schiffer’s wedding to Matthew Vaughn in 2002; the price was 700,000 euros. For 400,000 euros, the magazine bought exclusive pictures of Ronaldo’s wedding to Daniella Ciccarelli.

The magazine is published in 26 national print versions, six online editions and is distributed in over 90 countries. The English equivalent is Hello! magazine (ACE International Magazine of the Year).


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